Discovery phase for a current system built using API Tools [WIP]

In order to transition a system built using api-tools to Dotkernel API , we need to analyze the core components of it.


  • there is a database in the current API ?
  • which is the connection to database
  • which library is used for database interaction ( laminas-db, doctrine 2, eloquent, or else )


Dotkernel API is tested only with MariaDB version 10.6 and 10.11 LTS

Authentication and Authorization

  • how authentication is done ? (basic, digest, oauth2, etc.)
  • how authorization is done ? (acl, rbac)


  • analyze configuration files of the modules (what needs to be configured in order to use a module)
  • analyze routes (which are the routes, protection rules, which one need auth, etc.)
  • analyze response format (content negotiation and validation, which ones are json, hal, views, etc.)
  • analyze input field validations

Custom functionalities

Analyze the custom code (code that cannot be generated through Admin UI and require manual implementation)

For instance:

  • caching
  • events
  • services
  • extra installed packages and libraries
  • jobs and queues
  • third-parties
  • tests