Creating admin accounts in DotKernel API


Run the following command in your application’s root directory:

php ./bin/cli.php admin:create -i {IDENTITY} -p {PASSWORD} -f {FIRST_NAME} -l {LAST_NAME}


php ./bin/cli.php admin:create --identity {IDENTITY} --password {PASSWORD} --firstName {FIRST_NAME} --lastName {LAST_NAME}

after replacing:

  • {IDENTITY} with a valid username OR email address
  • {PASSWORD} with a valid password
  • {FIRST_NAME} and {LAST_NAME} with valid names


  • if the specified fields contain special characters, make sure you surround them with double quote signs
  • this method does not allow specifying an admin role – newly created accounts will have role of admin

If the submitted data is valid, the outputted response is:

Admin account has been created.

The new admin account is ready to use.

You can get more help with this command by running:

php ./bin/cli.php help admin:create